A sense of belonging is very important at Baldonnel School

Today I had the pleasure of working with the principal at Baldonnel School.  Her name is Christine Todd and I love collaborating with her, especially about School Connectedness and School Culture.  Well… she is fun to talk with, no matter the topic.  I love when school’s share all the great ways that they are focusing on creating a healthy school community!!  Keep up the great work SD60!!

Enjoy the following examples of belonging from Baldonnel School:

Grade 1’s explain why they belong at school 🙂

As I was driving out of the parking lot I saw the most heartwarming sign and it’s always great to see kids playing outside! Enjoy!

Shout Out to Mr. Hyland & his students at NPSS

Mr. Hyland teaches the Evergreen Program at NPSS.  He has already started fostering a Compassionate Learning Community in his classroom.  He is teaching about Multiple Intelligences and his students have created a Community Brain!!  A big thumbs up to Mr. Hyland and his students!!!!!