ASSESS is our data portal that is used for entry of school district assessment data, behaviour reporting, IEP / LSP / BIP / AIP etc..

District teaching staff should have access to their students via the assess portal using their District-Wide Login account credentials.

Example User: jdoe
The password would be the same as used for Windows, Mail, Helpdesk, Server Shares etc.

Updates are pulled from MyEducation BC early Thursday morning and committed to the Assess database early Friday morning. If a student or teacher is missing please make certain that they are correctly entered in MyEducation BC and check again after upload on Friday. If the problem persists please submit a Helpdesk work order to Technology Services > ASSESS Portal

Non-Enrolling Staff such as Learning Assistance Teachers, Learning Services Staff, Indigenous Support Workers, and Administrators have rights manually assigned based on their responsibilities. These should be requested by a supervisor via a Helpdesk work order.

How To Documents

If you would like any further how-to documents added, please contact Jarrod Bell.

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