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Wanted Poster

If your students are doing a character profile, for Reading or for development of character for writing, creating a Wanted Poster is a great way to explore character traits.

Create your poster as a Wanted Poster for a character (an antagonist/protagonist in your novel or story (or some other character you find interesting) Include in the information Name, last seen, physical description, special features and known associates.

Two iPad Apps will be used

Create an avatar using Avatar Creator

Create Poster using Pic Collagewantedimage

  • get a background image of a scroll  or old paper (portrait view)
  • open Pic Collage and create a new Collage
  • Make your background a scroll/old paper
  • Add pictures, text drawings etc, following the criteria below

Poster must include:

  1. The word Wanted in large black type at the top of the poster
  2. The Reason(s) Your Character is wanted for directly below the word Wanted
  3. Your Character’s Name
  4. A Detailed Image of Your Character (Avatar)
  5. A Detailed Physical Description of your character
  • description of face and body features
  • description of clothes
  • description of  accessories
  1. A Detailed Personality Description of your character
  • Personality traits such as mean, shy, happy
  1. A reasonable reward
  2. A last seen statement : Last seen headed for Charlie Lake
  3. Who to contact if seen
  4. An alias
  5. Known Associates


Using iMovie to Create Book Trailers

  1. Introduce the book and include a hook
  2. Brainstorm what to include in their book trailer, text and pictures, keeping in mind:
  • genre of book, the author
  • connections to self, text and world
  • theme: friendship, courage, coming of age, injustice, heroism, determination, being different, love, working together
  • How does the character’s actions connect him/her to this theme?

3.  Choose a iMovie trailer theme which links to the theme.

Choose a Trailer
*******Choose a Trailer*******

4.  Download the theme trailer storyboard pdf into Notability.

PDF’s from:

(our server will not let you access PDF’s on above site)

Adrenaline+Trailer      Bollywood+Trailer       Expedition+Trailer      Fairy+Tale+Trailer        Family+Trailer              Indie+Trailer                  Narrative+Trailer          Retro+Trailer                Romance+Trailer          Teen+Trailer                    Scary+Trailer                Super+Hero+Trailer    Swashbuckler+Trailer              Coming+of+Age+Trailer

5.  Begin to plan your trailer on the storyboard.

6.  Don’t give away too much, give the audience just enough

7.  The fewer words on the screen, the better.

8.  Find images for your iMovie:

  • Search internet for images using Search Tools/Usage.
  • Use camera to take your own pictures
  • Use voiceovers or small video clips