Google Map of Route with estimated locations of solar bodies

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A little history

The orange route below was the initial route thought out. After conversations with city staff the northeast corner will follow the purple path south along 86th street and turn east just south of the new hospital on the current trail before rejoining the bypass. This was due to the fact that the northeast corner is not maintained during the winter months at the time the project was completed.

Final measurements will be required but initial measurements suggest this may be the largest scale model for distances in Canada and in the top 12 in the world.

3 thoughts on “Route

  1. Fun fact – It is 1706 m from the Sun sign to the short green and white posts on the west side of 100th st near the pedestrian lights.

  2. Thanks for this great info on your project! we’re trying to get one created here in Waterville, Ireland – the newest Dark Sky Reserve – Gold Tier status. It’s a small (nonexhistent?) budget but we’re liking what you’ve done!

    Kerry Dark Sky reserve

    • Thanks! We were able to do this with a partnership between our City of Fort St John and the School District. We fundraised $6600 through advertising and used inexpensive street sign grade signs. Students helped to compile the information for the creation of the signs. It has been a fun project and I have ideas for more!

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