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Project Heavy Duty is a program of School District No. 60, in collaboration with the North Peace business community, designed to prepare high school students for employment in the heavy construction industry. Many students choose not to attend college or university after graduation and the school district seeks to provide greater opportunities for these students to develop a variety of skills needed in the workforce. The school district needs the cooperation and support of local contractors and business leaders to offer a practical, hands-on program that provides senior secondary students with valuable skills and experience in maintaining and operating heavy equipment.

Sixteen senior high school students take part in Project Heavy Duty, scheduled in late May of each year. Project Heavy Duty participants are excused from classes during the week and receive instruction in servicing and operating each piece of equipment on the job site by qualified operators. These students are selected from district high schools (including North Peace Secondary, Hudson’s Hope, Prespatou and Distance Education) and have expressed interest in operating heavy equipment as a career.

Project Heavy Duty is a major community event that requires the involvement of many businesses, agencies and contractors in the North Peace area. The school district appreciates the continued support of local businesses and heavy construction contractors in contributing in the following areas:

– approximately 16 pieces of heavy equipment, including excavators, backhoes, crawler/dozers, graders, rock trucks, and a variety of logging equipment.
– skilled operators to train young people on the equipment
– fuel and lubricant supplies
– safety equipment
– camp facilities – operations center, latrines, etc.
– first aid
– security
– communications

Project Heavy Duty is an excellent opportunity for the business and heavy construction community in the Fort St. John area to work together with the school district in helping young people develop employable skills related to the heavy construction industry. Local contractors benefit from participating in the project by helping train and identify potential employees for the future. Media coverage of the event highlights the contributions made by sponsors of the project.

School District No.60 recognizes the need for involving local business and industry leaders to ensure the continued success of Project Heavy Duty. The shared expertise of individuals and companies familiar with the heavy construction industry is essential to provide a quality program that will help students develop valuable skills for future employment in the heavy equipment workplace.

If you have any questions about Project Heavy Duty and how you can contribute to its success, please contact:

Richard Koop (project coordinator) – 261-1456                                                              Don Goodbun (industry consultant) – 261-0132

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