Creating a Podcast on your iPad

Try the free app “I Tell A Story”

A lot of students have enjoyed creating audio stories in Garageband, but with the iPad version it was not a priority to include the podcasts.  The free app “I Tell A Story” allows the students to create a simple story.  It has some built in sound effects and access to the itunes library.  I would recommend adding your apple audio files to your itunes library.

  1. Listen to samples of audio stories online
  2. Brainstorm genres of audio stories
  3. Give an example of a written script (may give students a template for)
  4. Students write a script.
  5. Record script in sequential order in “I Tell A Story”
  6. Save, play and enjoy
  7. In the editing there is email choice, send to teacher

Below is a sample

Halloween Story

Teaching Critical Thinking skills.

It is really important that students know how to search for information on the web.  As adults, we have often wasted time looking for information.  Being more concise on our searches have improved our time spent, but students do not always follow this advice. So many sites out there offer information which is too dense or invalid.  Students must be able to create their own filters to validate and process this information.