1008 Trustee Indemnity

POLICY NO.:                1008                             DATE APPROVED:       2000-03-08

SUBJECT:                    Trustee Indemnity

Trustees of School District No. 60 (Peace River North) shall be paid the annual trustee indemnity as provided in the School Act and its Regulations.

If a Trustee resigns or is not re-elected at the expiry of his term, the Trustee shall reimburse the Board on a pro rata basis for any indemnity paid in advance.
Legal Reference:  Section 71(1)(2) & (3) of the School Act. 


 Indemnity shall be paid to members of the Board as follows:

Each Trustee                 $13,200

Vice-Chairperson         $15,000

Chairperson                  $16,500

The annual indemnity shall be paid to each board member in twelve, equal installments, on the last day of each month, commencing in December of each year.

One-third of the amounts paid as trustee indemnity shall be deemed to be for expenses normally incurred in the discharge of their duties.

An annual indemnity adjustment will be made effective January 1st of each year.  This adjustment will reflect the B.C. Consumer Price Index change less 1%.  (Most recent December change over the previous December).

(ie. December  2017 over December  2016 was  2.0% – 1.0 % =  1.0%)

Revised: 03-2018;10-2018                                                     Policy #1008 – Trustee Indemnity

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