BAA Courses

The process for creating a Board / Authority Authorized course will be changing with the new 2018 Graduation Program to meet the “Know-Do-Understand” curriculum model.

As a result, Boards of Education will need to

  1. Review BAA courses being offered in the 2018/2019 year to determine which BAA courses are to be retired (due to new courses or an out of date course/not meeting requirements) OR are to be revised following the new “Know-Do-Understand” curriculum model.
  2. Determine a regular review cycle for BAA courses to ensure that their content remains current.

Ministry Documents have been updated to assist with the review and development of new BAA courses.

More will come on the process of updating and reviewing historical BAA courses. For creating new ones start with the documents above and contact the Director of Instruction for questions and eventual submission to the Board for approval.

List of SD60 BAA Courses (to be reviewed)

Practice – Unique Parent Emails in Contacts

Contacts that are parents should have unique email addresses or only the email address listed on the priority 1 contact.

Example of what should not happen

Jane Parent – 1 – Mother –
Joe Parent – 2 – Father –

In the above case please remove the email on the contact with priority #2. If they have a different email that is best to enter. If not leaving the second contact email blank is best.

The rationale is due to the Family Portal Account creation process. We use parent email accounts to create the login account for parent portal. The above situation creates 2 accounts with the logins are and jparent@someemail.ca2. The passwords for both accounts are sent to the same email address which causes significant confusion for parents.

Bus Students and Physical Address

Transportation needs to be aware of Physical Address changes for any busing student. A change to a physical address can remove a child from their mapping software and they need to be manually moved / replaced. A specific identified challenge is that parents often will identify their physical address with a road name that does not exist on the official PRRD road maps which are used by the transportation department.

The .Default Field Set has been changed to include a column called Bus Reason AM that shows if a student is Bused.

Please inform Transportation via Sabrina Emslie of Physical Address changes for Busing students.

Do not change the Physical Address for Busing Students.


Using Send Email

The following linked document explains the Send Email function in MyEducation BC.

Schools that have cleaned their contacts and use this method report that it is easier to maintain an email list for the school through MyEducation BC than through their web mail. Teachers no longer need to collect the emails of their parents to maintain a list. The send email function in MyEducation BC also creates separate emails to everyone included so there is no risk of sharing all email addresses to the recipients!

CCO/TCO Practice

October 2017 Updates are italicized. 

This practice looks at the steps to take when informed regarding a change of custody to a temporary or continuing custody order. A change to custody of this nature should be dealt with as a high priority.

  1. Ideally paperwork is provided by MCFD to the primary contact at the school district who informs the school. If you receive word in any other way contact the primary contact via Learning Services.
  2. Change Custody Field in MyEducation BC
    Student TT > Select Student > Details ST > change custody field to Cont. Custody Order or Temp. Custody Order
  3. Change phone numbers on Student Details to new primary contact’s numbers so they no longer represent the previous custodial parent’s numbers.
  4. Add Family Alert – DO NOT ADD LEGAL ALERT unless court order is on file. Legal alerts are listed on PSR. 
  5. Go to the Contacts ST and adjust the contacts.
    1. Parents who are no longer custodial must have their contact data changed
      1. Change their contact priority to 39 for one or both parents no longer in custody. (Emergency Contact Priority Practice is available at
      2. Uncheck the Parent Auth / Guardian Field
      3. Uncheck Can Pickup, Lives With, Contact has portal access, can receive email etc
      4. Change the Contact Type drop down list to BLANK
      5. If there is concern about accidental contact, archive the phone numbers/email/address of the parent no longer in custody and delete that info from their contact record. Keep the old contact info on student file if needed due to change in custody in the future.
      6. If the parent has a family portal account contact uncheck Contact has Family Portal Access
    2. Create new contacts as per TCO/CCO
      1. A BLANK verification form for Foster Parent or Ministry Rep may be useful to collect new contact info.
      2. Parental Auth / Guardian should be checked
      3. Type should be set to TCO or CCO as appropriate
      4. Relationship should be set as appropriate to MinChildrenFamDev or Foster Parent
      5. Update checkboxes as appropriate including pickup and lives with etc
    3. If an emergency contact needs to change add new contacts and adjust the old emergency contact priority lower (ie 3 to 4) or delete the old emergency contact if needed.
  6. If advised by MCFD set the Confidential Student Date in the Student Details.

Any change that a school becomes aware of around custody that involves the Ministry of Children and Families should be communicated to Learning Services (Bernice Chmelyk)

Sample Errors and Corrections

Below are screenshots of contacts with errors and a screenshot of correct contacts.

Contacts with errors

Contacts with errors


Corrected contacts

Entering Siblings for Related Contacts

The district practice for related contacts who are brother/sister etc will be to use the relationship = Sibling.

To enter related contacts after a registration go to Student TT > Select the student > Contacts ST > Related Contacts SST.

Add a record for each related contact and set the type to sibling.

Go to the next student and add the contacts again.

For each sibling there needs to be two records on the final list for all siblings. A to B and B to A.

For example if there were three brothers, Marvin, Branlon, and Jarrod at the end of the process each brother would have four records on their related contacts SST.

If you were connecting the related contacts for the first time and starting with Jarrod you would enter a record for Marvin as a Sibling and Branlon as a Sibling. There will be two records on Jarrod’s related contacts.

Navigate to Marvin and you will see one record showing a relationship between Marvin and Jarrod.

Next enter Jarrod as a Sibling to Marvin, and Branlon as a Sibling to Marvin.

Navigate to Branlon you will see two records. Enter Marvin as a sibling to Branlon and Jarrod as a sibling to Branlon.

Now each student should have four records on the Related Contacts SST if you look at them all. If you look at their Details SST you will see that each has two siblings.

Busing Fields

The Busing Sub Top Tab (busing details on student demographics) under the Student Top Tab > Details Side Tab is to be edited only by the Transportation Clerk or Technology Services.


Home School Homeroom

This practice is to enable proper handling of Home School students in our Assessment Portal and its Projections & Boundary/Catchment functions.

Home School Students should have

  • Sub grade of HS for 1701 purposes
  • Homeroom manually entered to HS on the student details (this will be the key field for the Assessment Portal)

No Homeroom of HS should be used on an staff record in the Staff top tab. If a school is using teacher initials for Homeroom values do not enter HS. As an example, do not use HS for a teacher named Hank Short as his students will be excluded from the Assessment Portal.