Snapshots – Creating, Removing a Student, Adding a Student

The following video shows how to create a snapshot in the context of elementary scheduling. The process is the same for creating any snapshot but this one looks at using the homeroom filter to create a snapshot for the whole homeroom and snapshots by homeroom and grade. Further it shows you how to remove a student from a snapshot and how to add a student to an existing snapshot.

Removing/Adding students to a snapshot does not change their homeroom, courses etc!

Assigning Homerooms to Teachers – Modify List & Check for Primary School Error

This video below shows how to check that staff do not have a secondary school association to their primary school for the current year. Next it shows how to update the homeroom value using the modify list function.

Two common errors with editing homerooms are the primary/secondary school issues as shown in the video below, as well as an invalid physical and mailing address for the staff member. If the address error comes up you would need to validate the address or delete them from both the physical and mailing fields.