October 2017 Update

During the fall SIS conference some information was shared to us about upcoming changes and curriculum implementation. Here are some of my notes. Timelines for upgrades to version 5.8 are at the bottom.

  • November 24 is deadline for Enhancement Requests to be considered for current budget year. ERs can go through Jennie Copeland and must be approved by the Service Management Council representative, Jarrod Bell. ERs are small functional improvements to the systems that are costed, budgeted, approved etc on a yearly basis by the Service Enhancement Committee (SEC). The SEC is a sub committee of the Service Management Council (SMC).
  • New GDEs in MyEd for class size and composition need to be investigated.
  • Student Learning Committee focus is Standards Based Grading. New videos available at http://www.mytrainingbc.ca/learningsupport/ . Curricular Competencies are available in the system for K-9 and require some minor setup at school level before they can be used. If you are interested contact Jarrod Bell. Of note Nanaimo has gone to SBG K-9.  For more on SBG see http://mctownsley.net/top-10-standards-based-grading-articles/ . We could request Judy Smith from MoE to join us for free for some more sessions on Assessment and SBG.
  • End of November we should see new Grade 10 courses in Provincial catalogue for planning for the 2018/2019 school year. Will need to check closed courses list for grade 10 courses that we cannot use in the future.
  • BAA course review mentioned. This has been identified to Grad Program schools and a review will start after an upcoming TBD DLTM.
  • Current Grade 10s and 11s will need to write the Numeracy Assessment. Grad Path info available at https://curriculum.gov.bc.ca/graduation-info
  • Extension of implementation of grad program was based on feedback from a variety of partner groups.

Coming up in Version 5.8

  • Some of these will come with the December upgrade and others may appear in March
  • Next School Homeroom field will be coming in 5.8 and should be available for us to use in spring to not only set the next school (which we currently do), but what will be the next homeroom. This will be editable by the Next School. This will be helpful for all schools.
  • Course Nicknames will be usable in Planner *currently the course codes show even when a nickname is created for a course (MEN–10-003 rather than En10 B Block nickname that the teacher assigned)
  • Combined Classes enrollment totals will appear in Workspace and Schedule>Master in School View and Build. Important change to support schedule builders and counsellors.
  • Designation Tallies will show in Workspace. Helpful for counsellors and administrators considering class size / composition.
  • Categories side-tab returns for gradebook based on teacher feedback.
  • SDTest database will be upgraded Dec 1 @ 5pm pacific until Dec 4 @ 7am pacific
    • We will need to do some verification in SDT to look for potential problems and identify anything we find to provincial team. There is a thorough process currently underway provincially on the upgrade but we will have a look through at our usual processes in SDTest after Dec 4.
  • Production database will be upgraded Dec 15 @ 5pm pacific until Dec 18 @ 7am pacific (8am our time).

Course Completion Date and Manual Transcripts

External credits or any manually created transcripts need to have the Completion Date set otherwise the credits will not show on the DVR as earned credits.

We’ve created an SD60 DVR check in the field sets under Student TT > Transcript ST that shows several useful pieces of information for checking DVR issues including the CompletionDate field.


Checking Course Requests – Student Portal

Students can check their course requests for next year through the following steps.

1. Log in to MyEducation BC at https://www.myeducation.gov.bc.ca/aspen/logon.do
Your user account will be the same as your Learn60 email, your password will be what you set during course selection.

2. Click on My Info Top Tab

3. Click on Requests Side Tab to see your requests for next year.


If anything has changed please schedule an appointment to speak with your counsellor as soon as practical. Waiting until the fall for request changes will limit your chances at getting your desired courses!

2016 Summer Maintenance – Production Outage

Fujitsu reports that summer maintenance will occur starting August 9th and be finished by August 22.

During this time the following items will be addressed

  • End of Year Rollover (EYOR)
  • Student Archiving
  • Infrastructure Maintenance

The MyEducation BC Production will be unavailable between August 9th and 22nd.

In future years it is expected that future summer maintenance windows should be shorter.

Mailing Address Field Set on Student TT

I’ve created a new Mailing Address Field Set in the Student TT > student list for use with Mail Merging for mailing labels.  If you need other fields please copy the field set and modify for your needs. I’ve included the following fields:

Name (Concatenated Legal Name, Last, First for Student)
Usual Name (Concatenated Usual Name, Last, First for Student)
MailAdrs > Street Address
MailAdrs > RR/PO
MailAdrs > City Prov PC
1st Contact > Name
1st Contact > Emergency Priority
1st Contact > Relationship

Both legal and usual names were included to allow you to choose one or the other if you are addressing to the student.

1st Contact > Name, Emergency Priority, and Relationship fields were included if you are addressing to a contact that is first numerically in the student contact list. Check this for Emergency Priority 1 or 2 (custodial parent/guardian). If this number is not 1 or 2 check the student contacts before sending mail.

Our Contacts Emergency Priority Numbering Practice is available at http://www.prn.bc.ca/myedbc/?p=124



New Field Set – Attendance TT > Class Office

I’ve created a new field set in Attendance TT > Class Office ST called Default with HR & Sch. This field set has the primary school name field added to help schools that have a high number of secondary students (cross enrollments).

This field set combined with the Attendance Activity filter and sorting the column by the school name will be helpful for schools looking at class & daily attendance.

Class Office – Attendance Call List field set

A new field set has been added to the Attendance TT > Class Office ST. It is called Attendance Call List and has the following items:

Student Name
Home Phone (from Student Demographics)
1st Contact Cell Phone
1st Contact Name
2nd Contact Cell Phone
2nd Contact Name

1st and 2nd contact are dictated by the numerical order assigned to the emergency priority field in the Contact’s details.

0 comes before 1 which comes before 2 etc. Custodial Parents/Guardians should be listed as 1 or 2. We do not use 0.

District practice on emergency priority numbering is listed at http://www.prn.bc.ca/myedbc/?p=124

Thank you to Judy Wiebe on working out this field set.