Welcome Back!!!

Welcome back!!! Here a few ideas to help English language learners that may be new to your class, school and community:

  • Give students time to adjust and acclimatize to not only a new language but the routines that may be very different from previous school experiences
  • It is okay (and normal) for a student to have a “silent period” as they get used to their new classroom and school.  They will be learning expectations and routines along with the class.
  • If possible take students on a tour of the school a few times teaching words for specific places and people in the school (bathroom, mudroom/boot room, office, principal…)
  • Create a book about the school with pre-made sentences: for example  “This is my __________”
  • Create (or find) an “All About Me” that includes information on family, languages, and interests
  • Connect new students with willing peers for partners for seat work, recess/breaks, lunch

Have a great start up!!! Looking forward to working with everyone in throughout the 2018-2019 school year.


ELL Communication Skills

One strategy that can be used in every content area and every level is group work (2s, 3s, or more) to build communication skills.  Building opportunities into the day for students to discuss and use specific language skills in order to build:

  • Speaking fluency
  • Listening skills
  • Asking & answering questions
  • Negotiating for a purpose
  • Academic language understanding in context

Math is one area that group work fits into easily.  In groups, students work together to understand and solve problems encouraging not only the use of academic language but community building within the classroom.  There are many different resources out there that can be used to build into Math Work Stations/Labs.

Two resources I have used that can be worked easily into Math Work Stations/Labs are: