Welcome Back!!!

Welcome back!!! Here a few ideas to help English language learners that may be new to your class, school and community:

  • Give students time to adjust and acclimatize to not only a new language but the routines that may be very different from previous school experiences
  • It is okay (and normal) for a student to have a “silent period” as they get used to their new classroom and school.  They will be learning expectations and routines along with the class.
  • If possible take students on a tour of the school a few times teaching words for specific places and people in the school (bathroom, mudroom/boot room, office, principal…)
  • Create a book about the school with pre-made sentences: for example  “This is my __________”
  • Create (or find) an “All About Me” that includes information on family, languages, and interests
  • Connect new students with willing peers for partners for seat work, recess/breaks, lunch

Have a great start up!!! Looking forward to working with everyone in throughout the 2018-2019 school year.