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Great Work! Great Leadership! Great Learning Support!

I participated in an amazing group chat on Twitter today, #satchatwc (a great PLN for leadership in education.) This infographic inspired me to REFLECT on my week’s learning opportunities! A great visual tool that I’m looking forward to sharing with our Learning Services team!

So, here goes!…

We’re back … passionately involved in supporting our school teams, working together & enhancing our work for ALL Learners! I had the pleasure of being involved with LAs this week, at the guidance and leadership of these great gals – Kim Boettcher (District Principal of Learning Services/Curriculum), Bev Baker (Learning Assistant Resource), Carmen Gietz & Crystal Johnson (School Psychologists)! photo (40)

We were exploring & learning with our district’s new “database.” This ‘database’ was well received! Lots of ‘WOWS!’ were exclaimed as we worked through this ‘database’… as we quickly saw that it was not one of your typical, traditional ‘databases!’ It is MUCH MORE! This database offers us the opportunity to (quickly) learn more about our learners and can then respond or act in a more timely manner. It is an amazing ‘database’ that helps us ‘personalize’ and ‘put a face’ to our ‘data.‘ This truly is a game changer!

Collaboration, look out!

Remarks & insights from this learning opportunity:
…taking classroom data, Performance Standards, class profiles, student profiles, IEPs, Learning Plans as excellent information to feed our instructional support
…all educators have access to their classroom information vs housed in one person or in a file. No more waiting for two weeks or more for information to transfer to the feeder school!
…instant information to guide my practice!
…look at the trends we can see! Great visual representation!
…excellent info to guide our overall School Improvement Plan!

Great minds were involved over the years to help us make sense of this ‘chaos!’ Greatly appreciate the people who we get to work with!
Here’s working together for improved outcomes and life successes for our children!

photo (41)

FSJ League of United Youth


FSJ League of United Youths – a SWIS initiative Leadership In Training (LIT) Program

8 volunteer students organized and lead these fun filled FREE events specifically designed to provide opportunities for immigrant students to engage in a variety of events that will help promote social interaction with other students, build and maintain confidence and communication skills through play and exploration based activities!

The LIT students demonstrated planning and time management skills, community and cultural awareness and teambuilding/leadership skills by acting as role-models for younger participants!

School District 60/Welcome BC partnership program is back! Each day of this program provided a full day’s worth of activities including field trips, special visitors and awesome activities.  Activity themes included participation in our Diary of a Wimpy Kid party and Super Kids: a day of super-powered fun & adventure!

An active, exciting event, FSJ Hunger Games brought the action and excitement of the popular book and movie series to life. Participants used their wits and cunning to survive as they battled their fellow “tributes” until only one remained!  This event was registered to maximum capacity in 2012, only to increase this year to a maximum of 35 participants!