We are very proud of what we have accomplished as a team at Alwin Holland Elementary School this year.  Mrs.Turner – London received an award from Learning Services for her outstanding dedication and progress made with 3 complex students in her Grade 5 class at Alwin Holland this year. Her dedication and support for these students is stellar and we also want to recognize her inclusiveness as well.  Thank you, Mrs. Orcutt and Mr. Longley for your support to the team.
Congratulations Mrs. Turner-London!
Photo courtesy of Mrs. Van Breda

School Aged Therapy Program, Summer 2018

Please note that the School District office does have some closure dates over the summer.  We encourage families interested in services through the School Aged Therapy Program over the summer months to ensure a referral application is complete before June. 30th.   If you have any questions, please contact Learning Services at (250)262-6015.

NPSS students working on projects that benefit our community…….

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The NPSS Senior Alternate program has successfully been working on projects to benefit both Fort St. John, and the international community.  Right now they are wrapping up a year-long project to help the homeless in our community.

Read more at https://www.energeticcity.ca/2018/06/npss-students-collect-donations-to-install-lockers-for-homeless-residents-in-fort-st-john/

photo credit: energeticcity.ca

Blind Sports BC visits our district!

On Thursday, November 16th School District 60 hosted Mike Lonergan of BC Blind Sports who ran Goalball workshops for students at Clearview Elementary/Secondary School and Alwin Holland Elementary School. Goalball is a paralympic sport for individuals with visual impairments. All players are blindfolded and working in teams have to use their sense of hearing to block and catch a rolling ball with bells. It is a fun sport that promotes verbal communication skills between players and promotes empathy toward their peers who have visual impairments.
If you are interested in your class experiencing this workshop please contact Jennifer Robertson, jrobertson@prn.bc.ca.
Courtesy of Blind Sports BC http://www.bcblindsports.bc.ca/