SAT Program

The School Age Therapy (SAT) Program provides assessment and intervention for children & youth (ages 5 to 19) with physical and cognitive limitations.

Where we provide services?  This program provides services in a variety of settings in the home and community. This is made possible through School District 60 and through funding from the Ministry for Children and Family Development.

About Our Services:

Occupational Therapy (OT) supports families in achieving the child’s functional goals in the area of self-care, productivity, and leisure.

Physiotherapy (PT) supports families to enable the child to achieve optimal mobility and participation at home and in the community.  PT evaluate how a student’s ability to participate is influenced by their physical status and by environmental factors at home and in the community.

Service to Private and/or Independent Schools- Both OT and PT can be arranged for students with complex physical challenges depending on the availability of therapists. An agreement will be established with the school administrator for services provided.

Who can make a referral?

We accept referrals from parents, independent school personnel, physicians, community service workers, and by outside agencies.  All referrals must be made with parent/guardian consent.  To make a referral, please submit an intake referral at:

For further information and assistance, please contact:

Ms. Connie Stones

Learning Services, SD60 at (250)262-6098

Please note that the School Board office does have some closure dates over the summer.  We encourage families interested in services through the School Aged Therapy Program to ensure a referral application is complete before June. 30th.