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School Aged Therapy Program, Summer 2018

Please note that the School District office does have some closure dates over the summer.  We encourage families interested in services through the School Aged Therapy Program over the summer months to ensure a referral application is complete before June. 30th.   If you have any questions, please contact Learning Services at (250)262-6015.

Blind Sports BC visits our district!

On Thursday, November 16th School District 60 hosted Mike Lonergan of BC Blind Sports who ran Goalball workshops for students at Clearview Elementary/Secondary School and Alwin Holland Elementary School. Goalball is a paralympic sport for individuals with visual impairments. All players are blindfolded and working in teams have to use their sense of hearing to block and catch a rolling ball with bells. It is a fun sport that promotes verbal communication skills between players and promotes empathy toward their peers who have visual impairments.
If you are interested in your class experiencing this workshop please contact Jennifer Robertson,
Courtesy of Blind Sports BC

School District 60 Bike Day

Our Physiotherapist, Lisa Boda and our Occupational Therapist, Cassandra Greenhough recently held the SD60 Bike Day.  We are happy that this event returned after a one year absence last year.

BIKE DAY was created by Lisa and community volunteer, Greg Large, who on a regular basis, work together to support children with special needs in SD 60. Lisa uses her skills and expertise as a physiotherapist to assess kids and liaises with Greg for his technical expertise to adapt equipment to meet their unique needs. Together, they make adaptations to typical bikes to further work on the development of a child’s motor skills. For many students, this can be their first opportunity to ride a bike!

Friends 2 Friends Program at Bert Ambrose Elementary

On Tuesday, Sept. 27th- Mrs. Froese and Mrs. Van Breda visited Bert Ambrose and led the “I Can Play” program with several classes.  This social thinking lesson helps all students develop the skills for making friendships.

The Friend 2 Friend Autism Demystification program is a social and communication based educational program designed to demystify autism and educate children about the common characteristics associated with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The program promotes understanding, acceptance and empathy towards individuals by tapping into children’s intrinsic ability to play and imagine, and allowing children to learn about the uniqueness of autism in a fun and educational manner!



To continue with our ongoing support to newcomer children, we are pleased to partner once again with the FSJ Public Library! This years theme is “SPRING MAKE!”.

Created for kids in grades 1-7 to explore the idea of designed thinking through Maker Education. Kids got to check out:

o   3D-printers

o   Snap-circuits

o   Lego robotics

These sessions were offered the second week of Spring Break and were received by the students with excitement and enthusiasm! Our own “MAKER” expert Brant Churchill was integral in the creativity of our young minds!

Spring Make

SWIS – Settlement Fair

The Settlement Fair was held on March 12, 2016.

The 2016 SWIS Settlement Fair was created to address newcomer needs, gaps and challenges in the community, identified through one-on-one Needs Assessments completed with clients.

There were approx.  40 participants at the Fair receiving information from:  MNP, Fort St John Public Library, Employment Connections, SD60 Distance Education, and Investors Group.

There were also information booths from: Northern Lights College, Employment Connections BC, City of Fort St John, Fort St John Literacy Society, Investors Group Financial Planning, SUCCESS, SD60 SWIS, Fort St John Public Library & MNP

Participant feedback was very positive with comments providing valuable input for future Settlement Fairs.

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