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Canada Reads in the Classroom – Resource #sd60 has a resource to support the Canada Reads in the Classroom program available at

They report it is suitable for ages 9-14. is brought to you as an a la carte option through BCERAC’s (BC Educational Resource Acquisition Consortium) Digital Classroom bundle which we call Digmore here in SD60.

Some Articles on Friendship, Kindness, and Bullying

ArticleJournal TitlePermalinks
4 Ways to Make a Friend.Scholastic News — Edition 1
Live the Dream!Scholastic News — Edition 1
School friends say these words.Scholastic News — Edition 1
School Friends.Scholastic News — Edition 1
Kids Care! Meet Kids who make a difference.Scholastic News — Edition 3
A New Kind of Bullying.Scholastic News — Edition 5/6
ARE YOU A BULLY?Scholastic News — Edition 5/6
Be a Bully Buster.Scholastic News — Edition 5/6
DEBATE: Should Schools Ban Dodgeball?Scholastic News — Edition 5/6
Don’t Just Stand By.Scholastic News — Edition 5/6
It’s All About Respect.Scholastic News — Edition 5/6
Lesson in Compassion.Scholastic News — Edition 5/6
MAKING SCHOOL Cool.Scholastic News — Edition 5/6
Making School COOL.Scholastic News — Edition 5/6
STICKY SITUATION.Scholastic News — Edition 5/6
Tales of Bullying.Scholastic News — Edition 5/6
The Language of Friendship.Scholastic News — Edition 5/6
Could You Become a Mean Meme?Scholastic Scope
Do You Have What It Takes to Stop Bullies?Scholastic Scope
Failures of Kindness.Scholastic Scope

Browsing Magazines and Subjects in EBSCOhost

Did you know our Digmore digital classroom bundle includes current magazine titles like Scholastic News? It does! Magazines are available through EBSCOhost and we’ve created a short video that explains how you can use the search function to see all subjects in the magazine to help find articles of interest for your class! This is a great way to gather a variety of articles for display, printing, and sharing to students.

You can see all of our magazine titles available at

If you would like to discover more about available magazines and EBSCOhost please contact Jarrod Bell via email and we can schedule a time!


We’ve added from CBC to Digmore! has video content suitable for K-12. Some of the numerous features are highlighted below:

  • Applicable to K-12 Curriculum
  • Guide to using video well in the classroom
  • Indigenous content
  • Teachers guides
  • Topics that support curriculum as well as other important areas such as Social Emotional Learning
  • No login from schools. Teachers can create a login for access from home (or use the VPN) – see this document for more info.
  • Teacher accounts allow you to make playlists
  • National Geographic, News in Review, L’actualité en Revue are included channels
  • English and Français

Look for the Curio banner on the e-Library page!

Biographies – World Book Student

Looking for Biographies of Canadians or people from around the world? World Book Student has a Biography Center available in the top right menu of World Book Student or directly at

You can refine the search using Area of work/interest, Nationality, Gender, and Time Period. For example there are 391 results for Canada in the biography center.