Demonstrating Core Competencies in the CWT program

As part of the Curriculum with Technology (CWT) Grade Six iPad program, students have been using iPads to create artifacts and self-assessments to illustrate Core Competencies.

Creating artifacts using technology allows students to represent their learning in multi-representational formats, which is a cornerstone of universal design for learning (UDL).  As well, It is important for students to be creators of digital artifacts and not simply consumers of digital information.

Students have been busy creating iMovie films and trailers, Google Slide shows, e-Books, Pages presentations, picture collages, mind maps, coded stories, 3D designs, claymation, totem poles, science fair presentations, fraction quilts, reflections on myBlueprint, tables and graphs, and animations. There are so many creative ways students can use technology to demonstrate understanding including using technology to reflect on their learning growth.