K-9 ERAC Learning Resources

It has been an exciting term this year for K – 9 teachers, parents, and students in British Columbia. The redesigned curriculum is fully integrated into classrooms and focuses on a Know-Do-Understand model that highlights Big Ideas, Core Competencies and Learning Standards (Content and Curricular Competencies). This new curriculum is intended to provide students with flexible and innovative learning opportunities.Screen-Shot-2015-11-01-at-9.46.52-PM1

With the introduction of new curriculum, teachers are faced with the challenge of finding applicable resources and lesson ideas. A great resource to meet this need is the ERAC bundle, which is featured in the Digmore student e-library. To go along with these online learning resources is the new ERAC webpage – Making Connections with Curriculum & Resources.

This resource was created by ERAC’s professional learning team and features 100 lesson ideas for K-9 students with connections to specific digital resources found in our Digmore student e-library. For example, in World Book Science Power, grade three students could review Food Chains and Webs to consider how plants use sunlight to produce new plant material. Each lesson idea is shaped around a Big Idea and relevant curriculum connections.

There are also thirteen lesson topic examples found at ERAC’s Aboriginal Education resource site with connections to curriculum and to Aboriginal Worldviews and Perspectives, plus First Peoples Principles in Learning. For example, grade eight students could use the resources provided on the site to participate in a lesson on Electromagnetic Radiation and Light: What are the positive and negative consequences of exposure to the Sun?

You can also find links to these curriculum connections under “Quicklinks” on the right hand side of the Digmore pages.