SD60 Digital Learning Commons

DIGMORE, DIgital Media Objects and Resources, is a digital learning commons that connects students, parents, and teachers to resources that support learning within the new BC curriculum framework. Students can research topics via the student e-library, which features material offered through the BC Digital Classroom such as National Geographic Kids, Gale Science in Context, Gale Issues in Context, KnowBC, and World Online Book References. There are also links to digital literacy content as well as Math, Science and Applied Skills, Design and Technology (ADST) online applications. As well, teachers will find resources that connect the core curriculum and competencies to specific resources available in DIGMORE.

Student e-library    

digmore_300_pinClick on Digmore to find reference material. There are many online resources such as National Geographic Kids, World Book, KnowBC, Gale in Context, Ebsco Elementary and Secondary Mini-Suites, and myBlueprint.



Digmore credit: Open clipart visual images