February 26, 2018 NID: Curriculum Support for Educational Assistants

Alwin Holland Elementary School Principal Jerelyn Orcutt organized a great day of workshops for Educational Assistants in the district.  Some of the sessions were supported by Learning Services Curriculum Team members.  In addition, a session was held at North Peace Secondary School to support EA’s and ELL strategies.

Barb Wagner, District Numeracy Support Teacher working with a group of EAs on how to support numeracy learning using math manipulatives at Alwin Holland Elementary this morning.

Laurie Petrucci, District Technology Support Teacher at Alwin Holland Elementary School this morning working with EA’s on technology and Digmore.





Heather MacGillivray, District ELL Support Teacher working with Educational Assistants from North Peace Secondary School today in the school library.

ELL Session at North Peace Secondary School


Making Connections Curriculum Workshop

New BC Curriculum Model of “Know-Do-Understand”

A great collaborative and informative day was spent with several educators from around the district on our recent Curriculum NID in January.  “Making Connections” was focussed on the new BC Curriculum to further understand the relationship between core and curricular competencies and how these fit within the model of “Know-Do-Understand”.  More follow up sessions coming from the Curriculum team in the future.  Check out our district professional development websites for updates:  http://www.prn.bc.ca/LT/.


Sample Language Arts units/lessons highlighting the connection between core and curricular competencies

Educators hard at work with meaningful discussions and collaboration around core competency student self-assessments

Importance of language used with students to establish clear understanding of the core competencies. Use of a word wall in the classroom to promote the development of core competency student-friendly language is an essential tool.