9. Accomodations

Sleeping Arrangements

Sleeping arrangements consist of 2 large dormitories designated the Lodge pole House (for Boys) and the Aspen House (for Girls).  Under no cicumstances are students of the opposite sex allowed inside each others dorms.

Each Dormitory can accommodate up to 28 People

Foam pads are supplied, no additional pads should be required.

Users must supply their own sleeping bags and pillows as none are available on site.

The dormitories are provided with propane heaters.

There must be a minimum of one Adult staying in each of the dormitories during overnight stays.

As the plumbing is not connected in the dormitories all washing, brushing of teeth, etc. Must be done in sinks at the south end of the cookhouse.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is fully equipped with all the basic items you should need. There is a refrigerator, 4 burner stove with oven, large grill, large frying pan, numerous pots in sizes from 4 to 20 litres, juice containers, dish rags, etc.

Hot and Cold running water is provided in the cookhouse. Tap water is drinkable and tastes as good as bottled water. Water is provided by a deep well located adjacent to the caretakers residence.

Enough plates, bowls and cutlery are provided for up to 60 people.

The only consumables stocked in the kitchen are Dish Soap and Dish Sanitizer.

Food selected should be nutritious.

To assist teachers in planning meals for larger groups of students sample menus are provided under “Sample Itinerary/Menu’s.”

Kitchen Cleanup

Dishes must be washed in hot water containing dish soap then rinsed twice. The first rinse must be in clean hot water, the second rinse must be in hot water containing bleach (provided). Dishes must stay submerged in the bleach rinse for at least 2 minutes. Dishes should then be stacked to air dry, do not wipe dry. These are Ministry of Health Requirements.

In Addition:

  1. All food prep. surfaces must be wiped down with a water/bleach mixture before and after food preparation and after clean-up.
  2. Once air dried, all dishes must be put away in the appropriate cupboard.  (This keeps airborn contaminents off of them.)
  3. After use, the griddle must be scraped using the supplied “Stone(s)” and excess grease must be removed from the “trap” and disposed of properly.
  4. The fridge must be emptied of all food and wiped down with a water/bleach mixture.


Any leftover food is to be taken with you upon your departure. (Unless the food contains chocolate, under which circumstances it should be given to the Site Coordinator).

There is a recycling station set up inside the cookhouse to collect Paper, Cardboard, Tin Cans, Glass and Plastic. Directions are listed at the station.

You are expected to dispose of all garbage brought with you to the site, as we do not have a garbage pickup service. The average group will not produce an unmanageable amount of garbage if they use the facilities correctly.

It is suggested that one Adult be placed in charge of the kitchen for the duration of the stay and that work groups be organized so that students may take turns in the cooking, cleaning and dish washing roles.

Under no circumstances is food allowed in the Dormitories.

Toilets and Sanitation

The two outhouse style washroom facilities must be used for all bathroom needs, even at night and during cold weather.

Toilet Paper is provided.

The Center has no custodial staff, all cleanup is the responsibility of the users.  All groups must leave the site as clean or cleaner than it was when they arrived. This requires sweeping and mopping the washroom facilities and cookhouse floor as well as vacuuming the dormitories.  There are brooms in all the buildings and mop/buckets in each of the main buildings.  The brooms and pails that are in the Outhouses must remain in the Outhouses–THEY ARE NOT FOR CLEANING ANY OTHER SURFACES!!

All kitchen appliances shall also be cleaned and sanitized.