8. Activities


Several Orienteering courses and related activites have been set up at the Site for students to practice their skills. Please contact the site coordinator or look underResources for more information.

Challenge Games

The challenge course consists of four team building exercises and nine personal challenges. The operation and safety aspects of these games are best left explained by the coordinator and are part of the on-site orientation session.

Students must be supervised during the use of the challenge course by an adult who has completed the on-site orientation or has otherwise been instructed by the coordinator in the proper use of the course.

The challenge course is not a playground. Extreme care must be exercised while using and supervising this area as the potential for injury is very high.

The Bouldering Wall (Climbing Wall)

The “TSA BELLA” bouldering wall has 1600 square feet of traversable climbing space and can accommodate up to 8 adults or 12 youth, which translates into up to 24 active participants in the mandatory climber-spotter arrangement.

The wall is outdoors and therefore subject to prevailing weather conditions. At a maximum height of 11’6” tall and with safety boundaries clearly marked it is suitable for all users.

Orientation for the bouldering wall will be done with the site coordinator and the entire climbing group. The coordinator will then either train a “Floor Monitor” to oversee use of the wall or remain on-site.

The enclosure for the wall is to remain locked at all times unless either the “Floor Monitor” or  Coordinator are present.

The name TSA BELLA is a Beaver First Nations word for Mushroom, and one visit to the wall will explain.


There are currently 5 canoes stored at the Center for use on Cameron Lake. The following rules and standards apply only to Cameron Lake, use of the Canoes elsewhere is subject to permission from the Principal and the School Board. Canoes may be used only if the following conditions are met.:

1)      All participating students are capable of swimming at least 50 meters wearing full clothing and a personal floatation device.  (This set of maneuvers is taught in the grade 4 swim program)

2)      Parents have been informed that students will be participating in canoeing exercises, and have signed the consent form including the section indicating that students are able to perform the maneuvers listed in (1).

3)      There are not more than 9 Students per Canoeing Instructor.

INSTRUCTORS: To qualify as an instructor a person must fulfill the following requirements:

1)      Be and Adult

2)      Hold a flat-water Instructors Certificate from the Recreational Canoeing Association of BC or the Equivalent.

3)      Be briefed by the  Coordinator on concerns specific to canoeing on Cameron Lake.

Initial instruction for groups wishing to use the canoes during their stay typically takes 1.5 hours. The Canoeing season is from May to Mid October each year.


In order that we do not deplete fish stocks in either Cameron Lake or Hidden Lake the following rules will apply:

1)      All Ministry of the Environment Rules and Regulations will be followed explicitly. These regulations are published annually and are available at Government Offices, Locations that Carry Hunting and Fishing Licenses and on the Ministry Website.

2)      All fish caught in either lake must be returned immediately without removing them from the water if possible. Fish stand a much greater chance of survival if they are not removed from the water.

3)      Only Single Barbless hooks may be used even if the current regulations specify that multiple or barbed hooks are allowed. These hooks are easier to handle and easier to remove.


Any litter seen (regardless of whether it is yours or not) shall be picked up and disposed of properly.

If you must use flagging tape remember to remove it when you are finished. Please use only cloth flags for games (such as capture the flag) as regular flagging tape breaks easily and can be very time consuming to pick up.

Water Balloons are not permitted. The pieces are difficult to gather up afterwards and can be extremely dangerous to small animals.

Airsoft Guns or Paintball style markers are not allowed on site.

Please go to the Resources page for more activity ideas.