7. Fires

Camp Fires

Fires are permitted only in the main fire pit, the tenting area fire pit and in Study Area #1 during fire starting skills programs.

All fire pits are constructed of either Fire Brick or extremely heavy gauge iron. The main fire pit is surrounded by a circular arrangement of log benches large enough to seat approximately 35 people.

Firewood and Kindling are supplied in all designated areas with the exception of Study Area #1. (Wood must be brought to this site). Do not cut firewood on site or break branches off of trees for kindling.

Firewood may be split on splitting blocks provided near the wood shed at the main fire pit. Do not split wood on the benches. Students who are splitting wood or using the cross cut saw must have instruction and be supervised at all times.

In keeping with the objectives of conservation, and since cutting and hauling wood is both time consuming and expensive, please keep fires small and restricted to the evening hours unless used for cooking food. Do not put out fires in the designated areas, please allow them to burn out on their own.

Do not burn garbage or food in the fire. Most packaged items which appear to be paper actually contain thin foil and plastic inner liners, which do not burn an release toxic fumes.  Also, partially burnt food attracts animals.

Fire Skills Area

Study Area #1 is designated the fire skills area, and is set up to practice shelter and fire building. The south end of the Study Area contains poles cut for shelter building. Please do not cut any additional poles. The North end of the Study Area contains six brick lined fire pits.

This area is for practice only, fires should not be built to burn for more than 30 minutes and shall only be made in the designated fire pits.

Firewood is not supplied in this area. Firewood may be collected by students for use in this area, however all firewood should be collected from outside the safety boundary to ensure that collection is not limited (and does not cause undue damage) to one area. Firewood must be limited to small pieces less than 3 cm in diameter and broken into 30 cm or shorter lengths.

Use of Study Area #1 for Fire Skills will not be permitted during high forest fire hazard conditions. Check with the coordinator before beginning these exercises.

Water buckets are supplied and must be filled and on site before any fires are started.

If using the main fire pit, do not put out the fire when finished, please let it burn out!!