4. Emergency Procedures

FIRES; There are no Fire Protection Services provided to this site! In the event of a fire the following procedure must be followed!

  1. When a fire is discovered you must Yell “FIRE FIRE FIRE”
  2. Upon hearing the announcement “FIRE FIRE FIRE” Everyone must proceed safely to the Muster Point (the Fire Pit).
  3. Once at the Muster Point a Head Count will be done. ALL PERSONS MUST BE ACCOUNTED FOR before any further action is taken.
  4. Once everyone is accounted for Volunteers may be dispatched to fight the fire if it is safe to do so (ADULTS ONLY). Provided that at least TWO Adults remain to watch over the group at all times.
  5. No One May leave the Muster Point Unless Authorized.

In the Event of a Forrest Fire all the preceding steps should be taken, then the Forrest Service shall be called at 1-800-663-5555 and the site evacuated immediately.

EVACUATION PROCEDURE: If an evacuation is deemed necessary EVERYONE MUST LEAVE AT THE SAME TIME: NO EXCEPTIONS. (This includes anyone who may have been attempting to fight the fire). Everyone on site will move as a group to the “SAFE ZONE” which is the entrance to the site located at the Highway.

A list of Up-to-date Emergency / Transportation numbers is kept beside the Internet Phone System

ACCIDENTS:In the event of a serious injury or accident the following procedure must be followed. Attempt to co-ordinate two volunteers for each task if possible, as it will save time in an emergency.

  1. The First Aid Attendant must be called to the scene of the accident. The attendant will choose volunteers to assist in first aid, and following their initial assessment of the accident scene all others will be escorted to the Muster Point (the fire pit) by and Adult.
  2. An Adult will be sent to call 911 on the Internet Phone  (A list of Emergency numbers is kept beside the Internet Phone). This person should remain on the line until help arrives and Must Not Be Disturbed. They will be responsible for passing on critical information from the first aid attendant or a delegated volunteer to the BC Ambulance Service, as well as the location of the site.
  3. If the First Aid Attendant requests the spine board and/or basket (or Emergency Toboggan) Two Adults should be sent to retrieve them from the Cook House.
  4. All persons, equipment and vehicles shall be kept clear of the Road Access and Main Trail as Emergency Vehicles may need to use them for access. If there is a chain across the main trail it MUST be unlocked and removed.
  5. An adult volunteer MUST drive to the “SAFE ZONE” – the site entrance at the highway – to meet the Emergency Vehicle. Signal with headlights and emergency flashers if Necessary. DO NOT ASSUME THE EMERGENCY PERSONNEL KNOW WHERE THE SITE IS.

The adults attending the rest of the group at the Muster Point shall do a head count. No one shall leave the Muster Point without authorization.

Lost Students

Students should be instructed upon arrival (prior to if possible) that in the event of becoming lost they should seek shelter under a large tree until they are found. (The Hug-a-tree principal). This will not only ensure the students are somewhat sheltered, it will also ensure they remain in one location.

The following steps should be taken if a student is missing:

  1. Notify the site coordinator immediately
  2. Determine whether or not the student is really lost. (ie: Not sleeping in the dorms)
  3. The remaining students should be gathered at the Muster Point (or another appropriate area) for a head count, and should remain there under adult supervision.
  4. After determining who and how many students are lost determine what activity they were last engaged in and where they are most likely to be.
  5. An initial search should be conducted using several search parties composed of either two adults or one adult and two students (depending on the number of adults available). These search parties must remain on the trails, and stop every 100 meters to blow their whistle and listen for a response. The search may take from 1 to 2 hours depending on the area in which the students are lost. Each search party should take along at the very least a whistle, bear spray and a portable first-aid kit.
  6. If the initial search is unsuccessful then the school principal, the parents of the student and the RCMP should be notified immediately. Parents may not be required on site immediately, however they should be updated hourly.

Police will most likely request the services of the Search and Rescue team, who will coordinate and carry out the search from this point on.


There is a cell phone booster located in the cook house for calling.

Messages for the site coordinator may be left at Hudson’s Hope School at 250-783-9994. The coordinator checks with the school regularly.

For emergencies outside regular hours only the coordinator may be contacted directly at home. This number is 250-783-0866

Non-Emergency Transportation

Arranging for bus transportation to and from the site is the responsibility of the teacher, and is charged to the individual school.