1. Introduction

School District 60’s outdoor environmental studies center is owned by School District 60 and is available for use by all district pupils and staff where such uses are compatible with the outdoor education curriculum objectives.

The Center is located in a natural forested setting on the shore fo Cameron Lake, 25km South of Hudson’s Hope on Highway 29. The facilities include 2 dormitories, a cookhouse with a fully equipped kitchen, a variety of hiking and cross country ski trails, a beach on the lake and much more.

General Guidelines


Any litter noted on site should be picked up and disposed of properly.

The grey-water field installed at the site was designed to support dish and hand washing as well as the brushing of teeth. Please refrain from hair washing as it places additional strain on the system. Please do not use soap within 20 meters of the lake.

Any damages to the facilities or equipment will be billed to the school or group representative responsible.

Any person discovered to be willfully damaging the facilities or equipment at the center, or not following the rules and regulations, may be banned from all future use of the site at the discretion of the Outdoor Education Committee

If a anyone demonstrates unacceptable behavior he or she will have to leave the Center. Parents of the student will be contacted to pick up the individual.

Wildlife cannot be harassed, fed or approached.

The collecting of “specimens” or picking of any flora is STRICTLY controlled by the Coordinator.  Please ask first as we must continue to maintain site integrity for future generations.