Aboriginal Education Centre


  • Serves all schools in the district.
  • Works with teacher/support workers/administrators/community.
  • Develops and promotes Aboriginal programs to increase knowledge and understanding in community.
  • Assists with and provides cultural awareness sessions for teacher/administrator and community.

DISTRICT ABORIGINAL EDUCATION COUNSELLOR & YOUTH CARE WORKER – Dale Boissonneault (Secondary) & Roberta Chouinard (Elementary)

  • Serves all schools in the district.
  • Works with teachers and administrators, and with Aboriginal students and parents, to promote the classroom success and eventual graduation from secondary school of secondary students.
  • Provides counselling to “at-risk” students.
  • Teaches classes as appropriate.
  • Provides related support services to teachers, parents and school administrators.
  • Works with teachers, school administrators and district personnel to promote Aboriginal cultural awareness within the classroom.
  • Identifies suitable Aboriginal resources to staff/administrators and community.

DISTRICT CULTURAL ASSW (Aboriginal Student Support Worker) –  Diane Barclay

  • Provides cultural support to School ASSWs, teachers and community

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