Teaching to Diversity: Creating Compassionate Learning Communities – August 31, 2017

Special Guest Presenter Jennifer Katz

Today’s classrooms are diverse – students vary in what they already know, what they are ready to learn, the pace at which they are able to proceed through curriculum, and the level of adult support they require for success. It is critical that students see school as a place where they belong, are valued, and have something to contribute. The Three Block Model of Universal Design for Learning is an effective approach to classroom management, planning, instruction, and assessment that creates a compassionate learning community from K-12. This session will focus on building inclusive learning communities. You will leave the session with activities & strategies that you can implement on the first day of school!

Date: Thursday August 31st, 2017        

Target Audience:  K-12 CT’s, PBS Reps and Team Members

Time:   9:00-3:00 pm        

Location:  Cultural Centre

Hosted by: Cindy McGarroch, District Positive School Culture & Literacy Resource Teacher  

Registration Deadline: August 28th

Registration Contact:  Cindy McGarroch cmcgarroch@prn.bc.ca