MakerSpace at Home!

picture of Newton's Cradle

Looking for a fun MakerSpace project for your kids? Check Out This Newton’s Cradle Project from Moneca Conway with the SD60 Careers department .

Makers Making Change – News Release

Neil Squire’s Makers Making Change & School District #60/Peace River North: Partner up to Bring Accessibility Solutions to the Community

Fort St John, British Columbia, January 15th, 2020  – Neil Squire and their Makers Making Change initiative, in collaboration with the School District #60, is holding its first Light Touch Switch build-a-thon at Duncan […]

Punkin Chuckin Challenge

Moneca Conway, Career Programs Co-ordinator, has provided the following story about a recent challenge school teams threw in on.

School teams come together for the annual SD#60 Punkin Chuckin Challenge, that is inspired by the Applied, Design, Skills and Technology (ADST) curriculum. In the challenge, schools receive a mini and a large catapult kit. […]

Cardboard Boat Challenge

The following report is brought to you by the Careers & International Department about their successful Cardboard Boat Challenge.

The whistle blows and they’re off: cardboard boats of varying descriptions and sizes gliding to the other side of the pool, their builders madly paddling for all they are worth. For those with good designs […]

Boat Races at RO

Mrs. Klassen’s class took advantage of the spring melt earlier this month. Students designed and created a variety of boats for racing in the temporary river across the field. Thanks to spring for finally arriving and providing fun learning opportunities!