Upper Halfway Elementary

Upper Halfway Elementary
10112 105 Avenue
Fort St John, BC V1J 4S4
Phone: (250) 772-5032
Fax: (250)772-5033
Web: https://uh.prn.bc.ca

Upper Halfway Elementary School is a k – 8 school located in the picturesque valley near the forks of the Graham and Upper Halfway Rivers, 130km from Ft. St. John. Currently, 40 students are enrolled from the Halfway River First Nations Reserve and Frieden Farms, a Russian speaking community. All students are bussed to school. Upper Halfway Elementary School receives administrative assistance from SD60’s District Vice Principal and employs three full-time teachers (one who acts as head teacher), three Educational Assistants, and one Aboriginal Student Support Worker. Upper Halfway Elementary School also receives a variety of support from SD60 Learning Services, as well as monthly Library support from Charlie Lake Elementary School. The school has five classrooms, Internet access, an outdoor playground/play field/skating rink, and use of the nearby Community Hall for PE purposes. The school operates on a 4-day schedule (Monday – Thursday).

Rural Administration

Name Title Phone Email
Jaclyn Gieni Head Teacher 250-772-5032  jgieni*
Theresa Dantuma Principal – Upper Halfway & Wonowon 250-783-9994 tdantuma*
* add @prn.bc.ca

School Trustees and their Liaison Schools