Occupational Health & Safety Program

Section 3 of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation requires that employers the size of the Peace River North School District put in place a formal Occupational Health and Safety Program.  The purpose of having a safety program is not simply to satisfy some mandated requirement, but rather to prevent injuries and illnesses so that everyone can go home safe at the end of the day. Every employee has three fundamental rights; they are:


  • The Right to Know what hazards they face on the job
  • The Right to Participate in health and safety activities
  • The Right to Refuse work they feel is unsafe


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Health and Safety Program (complete)

Table of Contents

Safety Policy Statement


Appendix – Exposure Control Plan

Appendix – Forms

Appendix – Resources

Appendix – Safe Work Procedures

Top 10 Forms and Resources that are used regularly


The safety of staff and students is everyone’s responsibility in School District 60. If you have concerns about safety please bring it to the attention of the school / department administrator or the local health and safety committee. For further information please contact the Supervisor of Safety and Custodial Services.

Contact: Wally Miedema

Supervisor of Safety and Custodial Services

250-261-3408 or wmiedema@prn.bc.ca

Material Safety Data Sheets – MSDS