Mail Migration Training

We are planning several streams of training to meet a variety of needs.

  • NBCDES will be trained immediately
  • Individuals can opt to use a JIT (Just in Time, video resources) training approach and self select for immediate transfer. See the link below for instructions
  • AO sessions are being setup for after school of upcoming weeks
  • Schools can receive after school training starting in September where everyone not on will be transferred onto the new system
  • NPSS, Dr Kearney, and Bert Bowes can ask for after school training by department due to their size.

The Legacy Mail system will be turned off December 1st, 2009. No new mail accounts will be created on the legacy system.

Mail Migration Project

We are continuing to work towards a new mail system that will also allow us integration of several tools like calendars, forums, document sharing etc. This Friday, March 27th at 4pm we will be routing our mail to the new system (changing the MX Record) and passing it back to the old system. This may cause interruptions for 24 to 48 hours with our email. The end result after the MX record has propagated through the internet is that we should see and be able to use our email as we are currently. This will allow us to run the systems in parallel. When this is complete we will test the new system withTS staff. After testing if all goes well we will begin migrating staff, deparments, and schools through the summer and fall.

More info, documents, and videos will be posted at or you can click on the Mail Migration Project page on the right.