Teacher-Librarian Session – a look at 21C libraries, roles, etc

May 31st from 4-7:30pm around 20 school district teacher-librarians, administrators, and library media technicians met over dinner to discuss 21st Century learning. We talked about what we think 21st Century learning is and  what do our libraries and the roles of people involved with the libraries look like  in the future.

Led by Assistant Superintendent Lesley Lahaye, we used a path process and table discussions to answer several questions. Below are the blank copy of the Path and summaries of our discussions around:

  • What is 21st century learning?
  • What is the evolving Role of Teacher-Librarian?
  • Where do we face challenges?
  • What are our strengths?

Click on the image for a larger version.

There is certainly more work to do and discussions to be had regarding our vision for School District 60 libraries which will continue on in the fall.


Library Policy/Protocols/Guidelines

We’ve created a new category so we can list library specific policies/protocols/guidelines for School District 60. This category and the posts in it pertain to district specific library functions, resources, services etc. The use of the blog will enable us to maintain the knowledge in a quickly accessible place for future and current staff to reference.

As always your public comment is welcome on any post. Discussion via commenting and with staff may lead to changes or creation of new policy/protocol/guideline so please share your thoughts.