Environmentally Sustainable Information Technology Policy

Our department is working towards an Environmentally Sustainable Information Technology Policy. We would like your feedback or new ideas in the comments.

Technology Services will:

  • Reuse wherever possible (refurbished machines)
  • Recycle IT when it is at the end of usable life (data protection / destruction consideration)
  • Power management via Software, Group Policy (Active Directory), User Education
  • Power bars on your desk rather than hidden so devices can be totally shut off (Vampire electronics such as adapters, chargers etc)
  • Virtualization of Servers where appropriate
  • Energy Star / Energuide considerations before purchasing technology
  • Phase out CRT’s for LCD’s (already working on this as CRT’s are too dangerous to repair)
  • Appropriate devices used for the task (ie. mobile device instead of rack mount server for checking email)
  • Cleanliness of computers and their surrounds (lack of air flow / dust causes heat which results in higher fan RPM, higher level of failures of hardware)
  • Centralize Printing / Models (fewer models means fewer cartridge types, fewer printers means less power usage)

Please add some more in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Environmentally Sustainable Information Technology Policy

  1. cycling out computers by age as older computers draw more power due to increasingly inefficient power supplies and fans

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