Procedure: Name Changes

Name changes are an intricate time consuming process for Technology Services. To aid in this we would ask that the process below be followed.

  1. Employee wishing to change their name must speak with Payroll (250-262-6000) and appear in person to sign necessary forms
  2. Payroll will generate a work order to Technology Services to change the DWL and Mail accounts which will include:
    -Previous Name
    -New Name
    -Work Location
    -New password (minimum 6 characters)
  3. TS upon receipt of the work order will change the DWL account, create a new Mail account, and forward the old mail account to the new one.
  4. TS will send a mail message explaining the changes to the DWL and Mail accounts to the employee
  5. TS will return the work order as completed to payroll and payroll will update the payroll system so that pay stubs get sent to the new email address.

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