BCeSIS Suggestions and Comments

I received and exciting email from the Service Management Council for BCeSIS that is asking for open feedback from teachers on BCeSIS.

“We are asking each SMC representative in every district in the province to encourage teachers to send in suggestions and comments on BCeSIS to their SMC rep. Please compile these responses and send them on to the Executive.”

So here is the place to add suggestions and comments regarding BCeSIS…

I’ll start below. Use the comment feature to add your thoughts!

28 thoughts on “BCeSIS Suggestions and Comments

  1. Please work with SDS to develop an interface with our school financial software (Efunds). This will alleviate significant duplication of effort.


  2. Needs a more clear setup for gradebook. options that aren’t locked in like total points and weighted percentages. Being able to setup one class as weighted percentages and one as total points. easier setup for putting in a exam in the gradebook, doesn’t always seem to give the right percentages.

    Have a present button instead of a absent button, for better accuracy in classroom attendance.

    have the option for smaller writing so that a whole class of 30 fits on one page in the gradebook.

  3. I wish there was no limit to the number of characters we could insert in the custom comment box (view) in the report cards. I don’t like using the drop down menu except for a generic course description .. . but I’m very limited as to what I can fit in for a custom comment. It would be better if we could insert about twice as many characters.

  4. Allow for the “I” as a final grade. Some students might be able to continue a class and complete learning outcomes in the subsequent year, so allow for the “I” issued as a final mark. It’s in the theory of the “I” set out in the government rules and regulations for its use. It says that the “I” can not be issued as a final mark, but when students are able to complete and pick up courses through customized course packages, then why not leave the “I” on the report card?

  5. When I am doing attendance, I would like to be able to see all of the class names on the window, so it is easy to check that I have marked everyone that is away at a glance. It is also annoying that you can’t scroll down the list using the two fingers on a laptop. It is very slow to use.

  6. As a counsellor:
    1)Printing the transcript verification form is a multi-step task, I would prefer it if this could be an option in the print screen.
    2) Being able to access teacher’s notes on students

  7. Is it possible to have an alert sound only when something has not been properly saved, rather than always have a sound when the save button is selected? It is frustrating to constantly have to check the message to ensure that new information has been properly saved. It would be more convenient to only be alerted with a sound when information has not been properly save and then have to check the error message.

  8. From a teacher’s perspective, who accesses BCESIS every day, log-ins should be made simpler. Having to enter the Username, Password & Database information manually every time, is not only tedious but somewhat redundant. The user’s password should be sufficient. Couple this with having to check the box stating that you are in compliance every time, especially for a group of professionals, is somewhat insulting.

  9. Currently school final exam Marks will not show on report cards. There needs to be a spot for them as they are an important part of a students grades!

  10. The help desk at bcesis needs to have a shorter turn around time for responding to problems. If the problem takes a little more time to find a solution at least reply so we know where we are at with the problem. Quite often a heat ticket has to be sent in a second or third time asking the status of the heat ticket.

    Grade book is the biggest problem. Several of our teachers have given up using it as it doesn’t give accurate percentages.

  11. Grade book is the biggest problem. Several of our teachers have given up using it as it doesn’t do an effective job. The grade book is not flexability and screen refresh does not retain the current working position which requires reset of the screen for each and every save that takes place where there is a large quanity of information.

  12. Along the same lines as others’ suggestions of having the whole class list on one page: please make the bcesis box/screen LARGER, as the current size is too small, and there is ample room on the computer screen for a much larger box.

    Also, a simple, but annoying thing: as we enter/log into the bcesis, we have to enter our name, password and the word “bcesis”. It would be great to have “bcesis” entered in the field as the default so we don’t have to enter it every day/time.

    Also, another default should be the “semester” that the school is currently in; once it is semester 2, it should remain as semester 2 without having to check the semester 2 box every day.

    Thanks for asking for our input!:)

  13. I would prefer it if there was more flexibility for individual school needs and questions. It is such a long process for us to receive information that it does not appear to be student or school friendly.
    Grade book has also been a very difficult program to understand and use. We are trying to work on formative assessment and Grade book seems to be more friendly to summative.
    In total, I have found that to do anything on BCesis is time intensive and does not produce the results. We have had to go back and reprogram students with special needs several times. I would like fewer steps in every process, more flexibility in structure and more individual school communication. The communication networking system that has been developed is not working.

  14. Please adjust the list of absent reasons so that ‘excused’ shows first, without needing to scroll to the top of the window–better yet, have all the options showing, easy to do if the whole window is large enough to show a full class at a glance.

  15. well, it’s a good program within it’s limitations.

    aside from some growing pains, I had no real problems with it other than the days that it was down or really dang slow.

    there are ways around having to use it, and forms of redundancy are good when versions of Y2K happen. I’d never trust BCESIS, but it’s useable in its current form.

    Grade book is much better: 2cents.

    Good luck all in SD60. L8RSk8R,

  16. I would like to be able to adjust the size of the windows, so that I can see the entire class.

    I would also like to be able to adjust the width of columns, and which columns I am seeing, something like in excel.

    I would also like to be able to permanently move the calendar that pops up when entering tasks, so that it is always visible.

    It would also be nice if the defaults were set so that when you copy a task to a different class, the dates are automatically filled in the same, but user changeable.

    I would also like the number of characters permitted in the comments section of the term report to be at least doubled (500 characters would be even better). That way we can write complete individual comments if we want.

    I’ll second the desire for the “BCeSIS” part of the login to be removed or defaulted. What other option is there?

    It would be nice if there were much better in-servicing on how to use BCeSIS, and how to set up our classes. We were left trying to figure it out on our own far too much last year. That’s unfair to add that to the plate of we, already busy, Teachers.


  17. As an administrator whose time is valuable, I find the program way to cumbersome with all the screens you have to go back and forth from. The speed of the program makes this way to time consuming.

    Also, there should be a system in place where schools can make a “dummy copy” with the latest information to use at any time during the school year. At various times, schools need to be able to play with master timetables and student schedules. As it currently stands any playing with student timetables after start up means losing attendance records.

    The grade book program does not reflect the Ministry’s desire for teachers to be using formative assessment strategies with students. The program is difficult for teachers to use.

    BCESIS’ protocol of only 1 level one person is also inadequate. When schools need vital information, it should be available immediately, not having to go through two or three people.

    There needs to be more training for staff who are being required to use the program everyday. Most businesses would not implement something without giving their employees the proper training. Yet in education, we are expected to make it work.

    The current time-out system of having to wait from 1/2 hour to 2 hours also is a time waster. If people have to wait a certain period time because freezing issues correct the problem rather than having a time-out system. If our jobs are going to require using this program, then the program needs to work for schools when people’s time is valuable.

    Fix the problems. If this was a business and we were not happy a product we would return it and demand a refund.

    Just some of my thoughts.

  18. Submitted by email….
    I am sure that this is not the kind of feedback you are looking for, but I would like to see the completion of the continuous entry module for Esis. As well, I would think adding the parent module if it is done if would be a big plus in the functionality for Esis.
    I would like the capacity to do letter grade summaries similar to the ones that I could generate on Turbo School.
    I spent a lot of time collating year tend data by hand that I could easily get from Turbo. The information that I am seeking would be year end letter grade summary results by grade, gender and aboriginal/nonaboriginal. This kind of report should be built into the system to facilitate data analysis.

    On the PSR there needs to be a way to show the grade level of a subject a student completed. For example if a grade five student completes grade six math how can this be shown on BCESIS PSR. The PSR shows school year ie 09/10 and the mark received in math but not the grade level completed. For students with this advanced level I have had to contact schools to pass on the information.
    The Gradebook should reflect Assessment For Leaning Practices.

  19. *Streamline the sign in (less data entry) including the ability to use the arrow keys to drop down (Mac).

    *Log out after 30 minutes is not efficient. 90 minutes is better or as originally stated in BCesis documentation 8 hours. What ever the reasons for the short 30 minute window, they are not more important than our time resigning in several times a day.

    *The general slowness of the program is of great concern. Again an efficiency issue.

  20. I’m a teacher in Burnaby and I think all teachers in the province should be able to log suggestions. Nothing has come down the wire in our district asking for feedback. How do I get in contact with the Service Management Council to get something set up for our district (and hopefully everyone else’s as well)?

  21. I am a Grade 7 teacher. We are now piloting the programme for our elementary schools, and have received a couple of hours of training in preparing reports. In the past I have used Report Maker 5 written by Glen Bussey from Richmond and found it to be a powerful and user-friendly programme once one gained some familiarity and confidence with it. In addition, Glen was frequently available to lend a hand when we ran into problems. I do not understand why BCesis does not allow some keystrokes – which do not become evident until we have exited the comments then returned to it. That seems ridiculous. BCesis gives some facility with generic symbols for student name and he/she, but does not allow for the variety of pronoun forms that may occur throughout a comment – some requiring capital some not. We cannot access the report card easily (always remembering to turn off the pop-up blocker) to see the results of our work. Editing comments appears to be intuitive, but when I remove a comment and a mark then try to exit the programme demands a Performance grade which I do not want to enter – but even so will not put it in thus the programme “freezes”. I know it’s something I’m doing wrong in all likelihood, but the programme is far from user-friendly. I don’t like it – more appropriately BSesis.

  22. When a student is removed from a class, his/her name still appears on the class list. Yes, the name appears in red, but it is still possible to enter marks beside the name. This makes it very difficult to enter marks quickly. It is very frustrating. Other grading programs I have used remove the student’s name completely.

    • It is possible to use the headings to sort them to the bottom if I’m thinking of the right spot. This helps with the mark entry.

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