This device is owned by School District 60 in Fort St John, British Columbia – as per the acceptable use agreement it is to be used for educational purposes only.

If you believe this device to be stolen please forward it to the nearest law enforcement agency. You can also contact Technology Services at 250-785-4357

Playing with Animoto

I saw a teacher from Kamloops, @MrReidWSS,  using Animoto with students around the Red River rebellion and thought I would go back in and play a little more with it. You can make free 30 second videos with it that include pictures, video, text, and a selection of audio tracks. Cool background options too. The paid version includes a lot more features and options.

Follow the link above or go directly to Mr Reid’s blog at http://kamloopsedtech.blogspot.com/2011/06/student-projects-using-animoto.html to see some student exemplars.

Here’s a quick example I made with some nice pictures of student activities from Hudson’s Hope School.

Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.

Facebook Scams

You have probably have seen the latest trend on Facebook for scammers. You may have even had these strange posts on your Facebook wall. There will be a post on a users Facebook page like ‘OMG!! Guys, you have to see this: or where they try and get you to Like a product page. When you click on it you are shuffled over to a survey. This is a great money making ploy for the crooks as they make a lot money off of directing you to a survey. Sophos has prepared a great video on what to do if you have accidentally clicked on or have filled out a survey and think you were scammed.

Facebook Scams

Fibre Upgrade @ Ecole Central

Happy to inform that Ecole Central will be getting a 10Mpbs fibre optic upgrade from their current 1.5Mbps EB1 copper line in February 2011! Thanks to the folks at PLNet for their work on our behalf with upgrades!

Large scale Internet slowdown

We’ve noticed slow speeds over the last few days. PLNet has reported that this is a regional issue that is affecting many of their clients and they are dealing with it as a high priority. No ETA on return to normal speeds.

2010-2011 Tech Grant

There were $55,000 worth in requests to the SD60 technology grant this fall for projectors and Smartboards. The grant has an approximate budget of 44k. 22.5k has been provided to requests from schools while the remainder will be used to upgrade school labs and teacher stations according to the replacement cycle that was put in place last year. Thank you to the schools that have set aside dollars to help offset purchases from the tech grant.

Any remaining dollars after labs and classrooms have been refreshed will be spent according to requests that were not fulfilled in the first round of the grant later in the year. We may also look at spending dollars on document cameras as there were several requests to include it in the grant.

The grant results are below. All smartboards will be 64″ without a stand. It is the school’s responsibility to submit work orders for mounting of smartboards (and projectors if they wish them mounted as well). For more on that please see this post http://www.prn.bc.ca/ts/?p=647

School, # of projectors, # of smartboards

Alwin Holland 0,1
Bert Ambrose 1,0
Bert Bowes 1,1
Charlie Lake 1,1
Clearview 1,1
Dr Kearney 0,2
Duncan Cran 0,1
Hudson’s Hope 1,1
Prespatou 1,1
Taylor 1,1
Upper Pine 1,1

Site Licensed Software

A big push from staff in TS is to consider open source and site licensed software whenever we are looking at adding software we use. This is practical in some cases and costly in other cases ($150k to upgrade our computers to newest Office). Off the top of my head here’s a list of software that we have site licenses for and any notes.

Inspiration 9.0 and Kidspiration 3.0 – District Site license and teacher home use – Purchased by TS
Macromedia Pack (dreamweaver, flash, coldfusion…) – District Site license and teacher home use – Purchased by Schools
All the Right Type 3 – District Site license and teacher home use – Membership Benefit via BCERAC
Comic Life – District Site license and teacher home use – Purchased by TS

If you would like a copy of home use software, or would like site licensed software installed on your school computer / lab please create a work order via the helpdesk

Smartboard Session with Sian Sladen from Evolution Technologies

http://delicious.com/ssladen/learning_resources (includes any links that Sian uses in her presentation)

smarttech.com for training links

Reference Manual that Sian passed around on her memory stick

Showed a great trick for revealing notes using text written in the same background colour and create a coloured rectangle. The rectangle is ordered (right click > order) to the back (sent to back). The rectangle can then be moved around and it would reveal the text as you move it across.

Teachers Love Smartboards: http://smartboards.typepad.com/

Teacher created powerpoints




Planned Outage

Friday at 4pm we are planning on upgrading our virtualization infrastructure. Websites, Helpdesk, files etc will be down into the evening. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Smartboard Inservice – April 29th.

From an email to the AO’s

Evolution Learning Technologies, our BCERAC partner for Smartboards, is providing a teacher, Sian Sladen, M.Ed, for April 29th to do two half-day inservices for our teachers using smartboards.

TS will cover the TOC costs for schools to send a staff member. I would ask AO’s to nominate one person from your school for this session. Rural participants will be covered for the full day and travel (UP, UH, Wonowon, Buick, Prespatou), and will have a break out room with another Smartboard available for them to work on in the afternoon, or they can attend the session again. Lunch will not be provided.

I would ask that the person nominated be:

  • technologically proficient/experienced
  • have some experience with the smartboard or at least a strong willingness to use them in the future
  • will likely be remaining in your school next year (and hopefully for several years to come)
  • willing to work collaboratively (willing to help train others on the Smartboard in the future)

Participants need to

  • bring a laptop with Notebook 10.6 loaded before the inservice (if you need the software loaded on please create a work order and we will do it)
  • if you can’t get them a laptop I can provide one if you let me know, but they should at least come with a thumb drive so they can save files they create

Please reply by email with who you would like to send and I will let you know early in April whether they are attending the morning/afternoon (full day for Rurals) session. Also could you please let me know if they need a laptop.


You have a Macbook with Snow Leopard and can not print to Canon copiers….

Direct Printing.

Canon copiers have webpages!


In order to directly print to the copier and save to your mailbox or print a document directly you have to go to the webpage on the copier. Most new printers have built in webpages these days and you can usually print from them. The one caveot is that you must first print your document to a pdf or postscript file.
The copier in Student Support Services has a webpage that you can print from and you have all the features available to you that you would if you were printing from a computer.
To use the direct print service go to the webpage of the Canon copier. The IP is

Getting your Document ready for direct printing


To make a pdf file or a postScript file for direct printing you print your document as you would normally but instead of clicking the print button you will want to click the PDF button ( see above ). This will bring up the save dialogue box and you can save your document as a pdf to your desktop ( or where you will remember where to find it ).
Close MS Word or what ever program that you are creating your documents in.

Lets print the document already!!!


Open up your favorite browser ( Safari or Firefox work great) and go to You will get a login box and this is where you put in your code in the name field. You do not need to put anything in for a password. Once you have done this you will have access to print.

Almost there


On the left hand side of the screen under Direct Print (1), make sure that there is a red light by the file format that you are trying to print. Now click on the Choose File button ( (2) and select your file that you saved on your desktop or your favorite safe location on your computer. Now click the Start Print button (3). Your document will now print.

Printing your document to your Inbox


If you need or want to print your document to your inbox just follow the above procedure and instead of clicking the Start Print button , scroll down to the bottom of the page and make sure you have put a check in the Store in User Inbox (1) and then select your inbox from the pulldown (2) Then go back up to the top of the page and click the Start Print Button.

IR 8500 – Board Office Copy Room

Mapping your computer to the printer.


1. Click the Start Button
2. Click Run


1. After the RUN dialogue box has appeared, type \\printsrv\ir8500 in the OPEN Field.
2. Click OK button.


1. You should now get a information window appear letting you know you are about to connect to the printer. This is ok and you should click the YES button.


1. You are now mapped to the IR8500 and may select it to print your documents!

Are you Paying Attention?

Technology and the Future of Learning in SD 60

What is currently working well with the integration of technology in our schools?

What are our dreams/wishes for the future of technology in our district?

What is important for us to be thinking about, and why, as we develop a long-range plan for technology use in schools over the next 3 – 5 years?

Mail Migration Training

We are planning several streams of training to meet a variety of needs.

  • NBCDES will be trained immediately
  • Individuals can opt to use a JIT (Just in Time, video resources) training approach and self select for immediate transfer. See the link below for instructions
  • AO sessions are being setup for after school of upcoming weeks
  • Schools can receive after school training starting in September where everyone not on will be transferred onto the new system
  • NPSS, Dr Kearney, and Bert Bowes can ask for after school training by department due to their size.

The Legacy Mail system will be turned off December 1st, 2009. No new mail accounts will be created on the legacy system.

Mail Migration Project

We are continuing to work towards a new mail system that will also allow us integration of several tools like calendars, forums, document sharing etc. This Friday, March 27th at 4pm we will be routing our mail to the new system (changing the MX Record) and passing it back to the old system. This may cause interruptions for 24 to 48 hours with our email. The end result after the MX record has propagated through the internet is that we should see and be able to use our email as we are currently. This will allow us to run the systems in parallel. When this is complete we will test the new system withTS staff. After testing if all goes well we will begin migrating staff, deparments, and schools through the summer and fall.

More info, documents, and videos will be posted at http://www.prn.bc.ca/ts/?page_id=486 or you can click on the Mail Migration Project page on the right.

Supersized Emails and what they do to your network

We had a problem today at a school where the out traffic was spiking regularly and internet connections were terrible. After lots of looking a packet capture showed that one IP was hitting port 25 (SMTP) over and over again. Didn’t make much sense so we tracked down the machine and found that there was a large email, trying to send, failing, and repeating that was the cause of the problem. This video replicated the problem at the board office trying to send a 120Mb file.

Oversized emails and network performance

Connection Upgrade at Board Office

The board office connection has been upgraded to a 100Mbps connection. This should result in somewhat faster web/file/mail services as one end of the pipe is much bigger than before.

We are working with the Provincial Learning Network (PLNet) and Workplace Technology Services to increase all school’s connections over the next few years.