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All About Me…Mission…Goals…Role…Contact Info

All About Me…

Hello there!!  My name is Cindy McGarroch and I am the District PBS Coach & Literacy Support Teacher for School District 60.  I support PBS Reps and School Teams in implementing School-Wide Positive Behaviour Supports (SWPBS).  SWPBS provides an organizational approach or framework for improving the social behaviour climate of the schools and supporting or enhancing the impact of academic instruction on achievement and increasing proactive (positive/preventive) management. I work with individual teachers and collaborate with groups working toward a common goal with the benefit of growth and reflection.

School District 60 – Social Responsibility, Core Competencies


Social Responsibility has been identified as School District 60’s number one goal. “Our belief is that Social Responsibility is the foundation for everything, including academic achievement, and that we should be proactive and preventative in our approach. Social Responsibility is much more than classroom behaviour. Our district is committed to helping produce responsible citizens who are not only best in the world but FOR the world.

Positive Behaviour Support provides an organizational framework for building positive school culture and social behaviour climates in our schools as well as supporting and enhancing the impact of academic achievement.


  • Through the PBS framework, we will have an increased focus on diversity and acceptance
  • To align and connect the PBS framework to the New Curriculum & Core Competencies
  • Use the 6 Key Features of PBS to assess implementation of PBS in all schools.
  • Continue to support a district-wide data collection and sharing process for all schools.
  • Support school PBS teams in using ASSESS to record Incident Referrals and Social Responsibility Quick Scale data.
  • Provide coaching support to schools working to establish a PBS school-wide bullying prevention program and continue to work on integrating the ERASE Bullying Level 2 Training into our SWPBS process.
  • Encourage school-to-school partnerships to share strategies and successes.


  • To provide ongoing coaching and collaboration for developing, implementing and sustaining Social Responsibility initiatives, including School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support.
  • To provide communication, facilitation and content knowledge of PBS basics, strategies, implementation and outcomes data.

Contact Information:

Learning Services
10114-105 Ave.
Fort St. John, BC
V1J 4S4

Cindy McGarroch:

Office: 250-262-6094

Fax: 250-262-6048