7004 Emergency Situations – Inclement Weather

POLICY NO.:     7004                 DATE APPROVED:        1982-06

SUBJECT:   Emergency SituationsInclement Weather


 To provide a level of safety for students during inclement weather, schools will remain in session and if roads and temperature permit bus services will be maintained.


 In the case in inclement weather conditions or unsafe road conditions developing during the night, the Transportation Supervisor or his designate, in consultation with the bus driver, shall assess the situation and decide whether or not buses should be canceled.

 a)             If a bus is canceled, the bus driver must, wherever possible, phone the students on his/her run to notify them of the cancellations.

 b)             The Transportation Supervisor or his designate, only, shall notify the local radio station.

 In the case of stormy conditions developing during the day, the bus driver and the principal concerned may decide to return students to their homes early.

 a)             The principal of his designate shall notify the Transportation Supervisor.  If the Transportation Supervisor is not available, the Secretary-Treasurer shall be notified.

 b)             Parents must be notified if students are dismissed prior to their regular dismissal time.

  1. It is the responsibility of the bus driver to see that his passengers can get home safely.

 a)             Students may need to be driven closer to their home than the regular routes normally allow.

 b)             The bus driver shall see that the school bus does not arrive at a stop ahead of schedule and may require that pupils be at the bus stop at least five minutes ahead of the scheduled arrival of the bus.

 c)             Under extreme weather conditions where it is doubtful that the driver can deliver his riders to their homes safely, the driver should leave students with a neighbor or at the school and notify parents as soon as possible.

 The bus driver may, after an initial written warning, refuse to transport students who are not adequately dressed for prevailing winter weather conditions.

 a)             If the bus driver can ascertain that the student can find immediate shelter at his/her home or school, the initial warning may be waived.

 b)             The bus driver must notify the Transportation Supervisor of the school principal who will make arrangements for the student’s safe return home.

 Winter legs may be added on roads that would not normally be traveled during the summer months.

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