Our LA’s are back at it!

Our LA?Äôs!
Our Learning Assistants continue to collaborate regularly, actively learning and pursuing ‘best practice’ to meet the needs of our children. We value the many strengths of all our LA’s, as their role is an integral component of the school based team that supports students and staff. Literacy, Numeracy, Language Development, Learning Disabilities, Sensory needs, Fine Motor support, Behaviour support form the topics for discussion at the regular LA collaborative meetings. Another great year has been planned by Kim Boettcher, the Learning Assistant Support Itinerant! Huge kudos to all our LA’s!

Welcome Back


Hello everyone! We are looking forward to working together as an even better and stronger team! TOGETHER WE LEARN, right?!!

Stay tuned to our new website for continuous updates. Huge thanks to Jarrod Bell for his fabulous patience and skills as he supports us through this learning curve with technology!

Don’t forget to preview the district Pro-D calendar, highlight sessions that might be pertinent to your professional growth, have discussions with your

school administration, and perhaps we’ll see you here at District Office!

Itinerants will be meeting at Student Support Services for the first two days, and will be developing their process and schedules around their caseloads and support to schools. They’ll be in touch with you soon!

Have a great year!
the SSS Gang!

Johnathan’s special made bike !

dsc00026.jpgThank you to Greg Large and Norm Stringer from S.D. Maintenance Dept. for their hard work and dedication needed to modify Johnathan’s bike. Johnathan’s smile reflects his excitement at being able to ride a bike for the first time!