Planning for Diversity: Planning with the End in Mind

This session was held on the Oct. 20th NID, facilitated by Cindy McGarroch, Diane Barclay, and Laurie Petrucci.
Laurie, Diane and I had an amazing day with a great group of teachers.​  So much collaboration!  We covered a lot of material and had some laughs a long the way!  Please visit the following link;
​ to see or download the presentation and access the many handouts.  Any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact:

Cindy at, ​Laurie at, or Diane at ​

The Incredible Five Point Scale

Different things bother different people so it is important for everybody to know what is hard or stressful for them! One way to think about stress is to make a “five stressors” list.

1.     Things that don’t bother you.

2.    Things that sometimes bother you.

3.    Things that can make you nervous.

4.    Things that can make you mad.

5.     Things that could make you totally lose control.

The 5-point scale is a visual system that can help to organize a person’s thinking when working through difficult moments, particularly those that require social understanding. On Wednesday, October 18, 2017, Mrs. Celeste van Breda visited Mrs. Rachel Mclennan’s Grade 3-4 class at Charlie Lake Elementary School.  Through a guided talk and a couple hands-on activities, the students learned about how we all move through the 5-point scale at some point in our lives and which strategies we can use to safely stay in the GREEN & BLUE scale.

Literacy Series – Creating Compassionate Learning Communities and Growth Mindset

Today was the first session of a monthly Literacy Series focused on Creating Compassionate Learning Communities and Growth Mindset led by Cindy McGarroch and Nadine Parker.  Thanks to the teachers who attended at this busy time of year.  A highlight was an opportunity for teacher sharing what they have already implemented in their classes this year.  Sharing is powerful!!  Can’t wait for the next session on October 12 @ the DDC from 4-5 pm.

School District 60 Bike Day

Our Physiotherapist, Lisa Boda and our Occupational Therapist, Cassandra Greenhough recently held the SD60 Bike Day.  We are happy that this event returned after a one year absence last year.

BIKE DAY was created by Lisa and community volunteer, Greg Large, who on a regular basis, work together to support children with special needs in SD 60. Lisa uses her skills and expertise as a physiotherapist to assess kids and liaises with Greg for his technical expertise to adapt equipment to meet their unique needs. Together, they make adaptations to typical bikes to further work on the development of a child’s motor skills. For many students, this can be their first opportunity to ride a bike!

Margaret Ma Murray Community School

Looking forward to the opening of our new school in School District 60.  Here is a video walkthrough of Margaret Ma Murray Community School. Thanks to KMBR Architects for permission to share this great video.

PWIM: Picture Word Induction Model

Planning and getting excited for the upcoming Picture Word Inductive Model or PWIM session for January 27, 2017. PWIM is a strategy that can offer an entry point to every student.  Here are some of the examples of the PWIM strategy being used in our district shared from staff at Robert Ogilvie Elementary School.  For information on the upcoming session, please visiting the Learning Together Pro-D calendar or contact Juanita Esau at (250) 262-6087 to register.

STADD BC Presentation, January 10th

Debra Burns and Dana Long from STADD BC visited SD60 on January 10th to present to community members in Fort St. John, Taylor, and Hudson Hope.

STADD BC provides support with transitioning youth into adulthood.  STADD– Services to Adults with Developmental Disabilities, a program with the BC Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation. Their mandate is to work with all inter-ministry agencies in supporting youth, who are CLBC eligible from ages 16-24.

Shelley Moore: One Without The Other, Nov. 3rd/4th

On November 3rd and 4th, Learning Services was pleased to welcome Shelley Moore to our district.  Shelley’s enthusiasm and message was welcomed by educators from schools across our district. Shelley inspired everyone in attendance with her passion for inclusion.


Inclusion means everyone – but actually everyone, even our students who need the support in our classrooms, schools and communities.  Shelley Moore

Thank you Shelley for visiting our district and sharing your valuable and meaningful message.  Please come back to visit us some time soon, to share your message and your passion for inclusion!                          @tweetsomemoore

The New BC Digital Classroom

Today school district educators came together to learn about the new BC Digital Classroom from Regional ERAC Facilitators, Monica Berra and Leona Prince.
These digital resources, in video and text form, are perfect for teaching with the Universal Design principles in mind!  Teachers can use the online World Book or National Geographic Kids to show short videos on content areas or to enlarge text or to have text read aloud – all with the idea of helping all children to be included in the classroom learning.
Every educator in School District No. 60 is able to easily access all of these resources by logging into our Digmore Website at:  Inline image 9
If schools need more support with this, they are invited to access coaching and collaboration with our Instructional Tech Coaches:  Toni Thompson, Laurie Petrucci or Glen Longley.
Digmore, for great resources to differentiate our teaching!