DATE: December 1, 2017

TIME: 9:00am to 11:30am

WHERE: Learning Services (Board Office)

In Attendance: Educational Assistants, Keith MacGillivray (VP-Learning Services), Karen Giesbrecht (Programs Support Clerk, NLC), Colleen Stewart (HR, SD#60), Juanita Esau (Admin. Assist.), Janine Filmer (EA Mentor)


Monthly Informational Poster

SSEAC and Portfolios scheduled for this year

Signing up for SSEAC and Portfolios

The procedures signing up for ProD Funds

Uncertified EA 2/Certified EA2

Registering at the Northern Lights College

NLC-D2L Orientation-Online learning

Question Period




Please notify Juanita Esau by email or by phone 250-262-6087 to register


07. SSEAC – EDAS 141 Portfolio Module

Session Description: EDAS 141 Portfolio Module consisting of 12 hours, following Modules 1, 2, 14

Dates:  December 5, 7, 12, 14, 2017

Target Audience:   EA’s

Time 4:00-7:00        

Location:    DDC – Board Office      

Facilitator:  Pat Lang

Registration Deadline: December 4/17

Registration Contact:  Keith MacGillivray or Juanita Esau (250)262-6087

06. SSEAC – Building Student Independence

Session Description:  This learning option will focus on key strategies for facilitating student independence.  Participants will examine the significance of student independence, the role of te education assistant in building student independence, as well as effective practices and strategies that support the development of student independence.

Date: November 28, 30, December 1, 2017   

Target Audience:   EA’s   

Time:  4:00-7:00/9:00-3:30

Location:    DDC – Board Office      

Facilitator:  Pat Lang

Registration Deadline: November 23, 2017

Registration Contact:  Keith MacGillivray or Juanita Esau at (250)262-6087

CWT 2017-2018 – SERIES

Series Description

Sessions provide curricular exemplars and technology support to teachers in the grade 6 Curriculum With Technology program (formerly Wireless Writing Program). More info on the program at and

Dates: Google Calendar Invites will be sent to participants

New Teachers – Sept 15, 2017
Session #1 All – One of September 26 / 27 / 28
Session #2 All – One of October 24 / 25 / 26
Session #3 All  – One of Dec 5 / 6 / 7

Target Audience: Grade 6 CWT Teachers

Time: 9am – 3pm (December may be different times)

Location: Aboriginal Education Centre – Grandhaven

Hosted by: Laurie Petrucci & Charmaine Chretien

Registration Deadline – not open to registration

Contact – Laurie Petrucci,, 250-261-0425




Tech Tuesdays Monthly Sessions – SERIES

October – December: Technology How-To

Oct. 17, 2017:  Google Suite for Beginners

Nov. 21, 2017:  iPad Tips & Tricks: for teachers with iPads outside of the Gr 6 CWT program

Dec. 19, 2017:  Computer Lab Session: discover what students can access in the lab

January – Inclusion

Jan. 16, 2018:  Using technology to support accessibility

February – Coding

Feb. 20, 2018:  Coding (both “unplugged” and technology-based)

March – SMARTBoards

March 13, 2018 (2nd Tuesday of the month) – Using SMART Boards to support learning

April & May – Design Thinking

Apr. 17, 2018:  3D Printing & Tinkercad

May 15, 2018:  “Iggy Peck Architect” – From Stories to Structures


Date: 3rd Tuesday of the month

Target Audience: CT’s, LAT’s, & Librarians

Time:  4:00 – 5:00 pm         

Location:  Grandhaven Meeting Room   

Facilitators:  Laurie Petrucci

Registration Deadline: the Monday before each session by email

Registration Contact:  Laurie Petrucci – (250-261-0425)

Visible Learning for Mathematics K-12 – SERIES

Rich tasks, collaborative work, number talks, problem-based learning, direct instruction…with so many possible approaches, how do we know which ones work the best? Bi-monthly we will work with John Hattie’s book to design high-impact instruction and try them out in our classrooms so all students demonstrate more than a year’s worth of mathematics learning for a year spent in school.

Dates: Tuesday, October. 3, 2017, Dec. 5, Feb. 6, April 3 and wind up on June 5.    

Target Audience: Math teachers K – 12

Time:  3:30 – 5:00         

Location:  Board Room   

Facilitators:  Barb Wagner

Registration Deadline: September 15, 2017

Registration Contact: email Barb Wagner,