Asking for Help

It is your responsibility to ask for help when you do not understand a concept.  Word your questions clearly to address your misunderstanding and ensure that you are asking your question at the appropriate time when the concept is being covered.  If your instructor encourages emails, utilize this opportunity to ask questions.  Instructors also encourage students to participate in active learning and to be a collaborative member of the classroom.

How to Study

Some tips for studying include:

  • Daily review
  • Summarize major concepts, write them out; flash cards, highlight
  • Form study groups to review and strengthen concepts
  • Attend tutorials or help sessions
  • Familiarize yourself with study areas  i.e. conference rooms in library


Support Services

NLC offers multiple support services for students.  If you feel that you require assistance or additional support, you may feel that these are very beneficial to your success.  Student Support Services are available on the NLC website on the following link:

The Support Services cover the following areas:

  • Aboriginal Services
  • Access Services
  • Bookstores
  • Library
  • Computer Labs
  • Daycare
  • Financial Assistance
  • Residences
  • Student Wellness & Development
  • Conflict Resolution Advisor
  • Tutorial Services


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