Growing Our Own student mentorship event

Photos by Bonnie Bridges

Growing Our Own student mentorship event

Students and professional mentors gathered on February 16 to engage in conversations that may very well have changed people’s lives.

Many thanks go to Kimberly Zackodnik and the entire team involved at Urban Systems for putting this event on.  The students of School District 60 received valuable insights from members of the community about career options they were interested in exploring.

A digital copy of the day’s program is below.  If you missed it, you can go through it to learn about different potential occupations.  Topics include areas or fields of work, questions to ask yourself while considering a career path, and actionable steps to take.  You’ll also find numerous example stories of real people who have walked the path you may be interested in pursuing.  Please contact them about career advice.

Finally, many thanks go out to the mentors who volunteered their time to help our students.  Your investment in their futures is greatly appreciated.

Growing Our Own, Event Program

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