School Zones back on September 5!

Raise your right foot to support student safety! School zones come back into effect on September 5th around SD60 schools.

Help keep our kids safe

School zones are back in effect on school days from 8am – 5pm and school buses will be picking up and dropping of students along our regional routes.

Please slow down through school zones and stop from either direction for a bus with their stop lights active.

For information on our SafeStop program to share […]

School Zones

School speed zones are back in effect on Tuesday, September 8th. In school zones please slow to 30km/h from 8am-5pm on school days and watch for excited kids that may not be watching for you!

Decreasing your speed to 30km/h will only increase your commute a minute or less and help to protect our kids. […]

School Zones

School zones will be back in effect Tuesday, September 3rd at 8am. Please watch out around our schools this week as well as the buildings are open for registrations.

Please check with your local school on their opening day start time and procedures through their website or by giving them a call this week.


School Zones in Effect Tuesday

School zones will soon be in effect around our schools and excited students will be back around our schools. There are also new roads near some schools, and recently added school zones from last year to keep in mind.

Parents, please go over with your children regarding road safety rules before school starts.

Thank you […]