Board Office

Board Office
10112 105 Avenue
Fort St John, BC V1J 4S4
Phone: (250)262-6000
Fax: (250)262-6048
Name Title Phone Email
Heather McIlmoyle Receptionist/Accounts Clerk 262-6000 hmcilmoyle*


Name Title Phone Email
David L. Sloan Superintendent of Schools 262-6017 dsloan*
Kevin Pobuda Secretary Treasurer 262-6001 kpobuda*
Brenda Hooker Assistant Secretary Treasurer 262-6009 bhooker*
Leah Reimer Executive Assistant to the Secretary Treasurer 262-6006 lreimer*
Cindy Byrd Human Resources Manager 262-6016 cbyrd*
Sherry Hunt / Colleen Stewart Human Resources Officer – Support Staff 262-6008 shunt* / hrcupe*
Charmaine Gareau Accountant 262-6004 cgareau*
Gloria Roberts Payroll Manager 262-6010 groberts*
Dena Mora Secretary/TOC Dispatcher 262-6023 dmora*
Anita Deng Benefits Clerk/Payroll Assistant 262-6002 adeng*
Coralee Szilagyi Accounts Payable Clerk 262-6003 accpay*


Name Title Phone Email
Stephen Petrucci Assistant Superintendent of Schools 250-262-6017 spetrucci*
Doug Boyd Assistant Superintendent of Special Projects 250-262-6006 dboyd*
Kim Boettcher Director of Learning Services 250-262-6098 kboettcher*
Brian Campbell District Principal – Careers and International Education 250-262-6000 bcampbell*
Jarrod Bell District Principal – Technology Services 250-794-5047 jbell*
Keith MacGillivray District Principal – Learning Services  250-262-6075 kmacgillivray*
Sharon Schell Executive Assistant 250-262-6017 sschell*
Cindy Soderquist Executive Assistant  250-262-6018 csoderquist*
* add